Thursday, November 1, 2012


Green #12 is all done but a bit of sod work on the surrounds. That will take place when a few of the other areas are complete so we will order a full load and do them all at one time. They actually had to use the bentgrass sod from the target green in the driving range and a bit from #4 to complete the additional area due to the increase in size of the putting surface. I will post pictures of this to this post later today.

The green complex on #4 is stripped of sod and the excavation has started. We have to make some modification that we hadn't planned on and that involves the bunker. Due to drainage and playability concerns, the bunker will shift to the right and raise up a bit to fit into the final grades. Sand will be saved and then repositioned in the cavity. Drainage in the bunker will be installed. These improvements will allow the bunker to not wash out after a rain event. The plan is to have all the shaping done and mix installed by the weekend with sodding to happen on permitting.

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