Saturday, May 28, 2016

Clubhouse Improvements

The golf season is moving along as well as several planned upgrades. Almost all of these improvements will be noticed right away. Back in February and March, we installed drains in the bathrooms and upstairs kitchen to correct some plumbing issues. At that same time, we upgraded all of our inside lighting to ensure all lights work. Before we opened, we replaced the carpeting in the hallway with tile that looks wonderful.

Now that it has warmed up, work was done to outside projects that were indeed needed. The railing on the upstairs deck was removed and a new one installed using aluminum spindles. We have received many compliments.
We finished 3 stair projects. The first one was to remove and cement the top step on the west stairs coming up from the parking lot. A new hand railing will soon be installed there as well. The second project was to replace the steps on the south side of the 10th tee with a new one along with a railing.
The third stair project was the removal and replacement of the stairs going down to the cart staging area. It was completed this week and is outstanding.

We had a small patio built on the north side of the clubhouse so we can grille away from customers. Also included in this was the purchase of a new commercial grille.
Meanwhile, back inside, a new ice machine was installed by Bernicks Pepsi. The old machine will reside in the maintenance building ready to go for backup or on heavy use days. A grille was purchased for the upstairs to replace the old one. Currently the grille is in transit.

And finally, improvements to the lower parking lot were done by crack sealing and line painting for organized car parking.
Overall, the needed repairs and improvements went very smoothly. The new feel will not only add to the customers' experience but the safety aspect was accomplished.