Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching Up

Now that the rains have stopped, we have a lot of mowing to do. Oh, I did fertilize the course recently so that has added to the growth of the turf. We will keep up as much as possible but will want the rain again later in the summer when it is dry again.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Make it Stop

The rains have come! And they keep coming! We had a total of 3.25 " of rain over the past 24 hours. Needless to say, we are wet. There are 3 thing they teach you in Turf School, and they are drainage, drainage, and drainage. If you get that right, everything else falls into place. The golf course has many areas of drainage issues. Some areas there are pumps installed( as along #2) but in most cases it is the normal 4" subsurface tile. As with the irrigation, there are necessary maintenance activities they need to be done in an ongoing fashion. Unfortunately, the drainage system has been neglected over time and there are many ponds that are suppose to be fairways. When things dry out a bit, we will begin servicing the system so when the next monsoon hits, we will be better prepared.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Making it Rain

When Mother Nature doesn't come through for us in the form of rain, we must do it ourselves. Every golf course has an irrigation system to supplement that doesn't fall from the sky. If you have noticed it being a bit dry here, it has been. I am in the stage of "fine tuning" the system, but as I attend to some watering issues, others appear. The control system is completely different than I am accustom to and the learning curve is a bit longer( trial and error method). I am understanding the system a bit more but now the pumps are acting up. One issue is the flow sensor keeps shutting the system down at night, the other, one of the main pumps is not pumping water. In the mean time, the wind is blowing and temps are rising. I like challenges and I have called on reinforcements for help. Should be running smooth in a week. So if you see some water on during the day, I am not quite done " fine tuning" . There will be a time later in the summer that small amount of watering will take place but I will go into the details of "syringing" at a later time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Battle is On

Every year at this time the battle begins. The war on weeds seems like it never goes away. I have begun a systematic approach to eliminating the problem. Using up inventory from last year, I headed to the worst area on the course and that was the range. I think there were more weeds than grass. This will help in the ball picking. From there it was on to the clubhouse area. First impressions are lasting and I spent an afternoon on the end of a hose to ensure complete coverage. I have now begun applications on tees and fairways and will continue when supplies arrive. There are even weeds on a few greens that I will take extra precaution in removing. After that I will continue on with the roughs and then finish up with the hose applicator to get to the areas where the booms can't.

For you homeowners, I often get asked about weeds. Most like to apply the "Weed and Feed" products. While the up side is an application of fertilizer, the down side is the inefficient application of herbicide. The best method is the liquid application, usually done with a hose end applicator. The cost is very economical and success rate will be near 100%. Any misses and another application is very convienent. Also, for those of you that did not apply or were late with their pre emergent application for crabgrass control, there is now a product available for the homeowner to eliminate crabgrass post emergently. This product I have used successfully for several years will really help keep your yard clean from from those pesky weeds.

After you win this battle, be ready for the next battle......insects! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turn the Page

A new month has arrived. With each new month, new and more duties present themselves. We will begin more regular mowings of greens, tees, & fairways. The roughs and surrounds are mowed more on an as needed basis. The maintenance activities will begin their regimented routine. Fertilizing the playing surfaces will begin today and the herbicide application will be happening soon on as weather permits schedule. Now is the time to take care of your lawn. Preemergent application for crabgrass should be down. People ask me if I apply for crabgrass? My answer is that I will take care of the problem as it shows itself. I am able to use a post emergent product to eliminate crabgrass only where there is a problem. Enjoy spring!