Friday, May 18, 2012

Making it Rain

When Mother Nature doesn't come through for us in the form of rain, we must do it ourselves. Every golf course has an irrigation system to supplement that doesn't fall from the sky. If you have noticed it being a bit dry here, it has been. I am in the stage of "fine tuning" the system, but as I attend to some watering issues, others appear. The control system is completely different than I am accustom to and the learning curve is a bit longer( trial and error method). I am understanding the system a bit more but now the pumps are acting up. One issue is the flow sensor keeps shutting the system down at night, the other, one of the main pumps is not pumping water. In the mean time, the wind is blowing and temps are rising. I like challenges and I have called on reinforcements for help. Should be running smooth in a week. So if you see some water on during the day, I am not quite done " fine tuning" . There will be a time later in the summer that small amount of watering will take place but I will go into the details of "syringing" at a later time.

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