Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Recap

The main goal of this project was to remove any standing water in fairways that appeared after rains or after the spring melt. We identified six fairways that needed attention. Holes included in this discussion were 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, & 14. After much planning and discussions, it was agreed to take on the project ourselves. After acquiring the right equipment, the actual project began October 22 with some preliminary digging. This was necessary to identify existing tiles that could be used in the project. All the materials were then ordered and actual trenching began November 4. We started by the tree on Hole 14 and added laterals and mainlines all the way up to the green. We ended up installing 1185' of drain tile. The totals included 20' of 6" pipe, 345' of 4" solid pipe, 140' of 4" slotted pipe, and 680' of 3" slotted pipe. It was great to see that on Saturday November 16, the course received about .5" of rain and that on Monday, there were no puddles!

From there, we headed over to Hole 6. We had previously installed 350' of slotted and solid 4"pipe from the holding area at the dogleg on the left side and brought the tile back toward the tee. Included was also a short lateral at the beginning of the fairway. We trenched two lines, from the rock area on the left(which will be replaced with a steel grate) to the pond by the green. We ran another line from this area along the left side of the fairway and extended 3 laterals into the rough to dry up this wet area. Totals on this hole were 150' of 4" solid pipe and 835' of 4" slotted pipe.

With the weather closing in, I decided to head over to Hole 4 instead of finishing Hole 7. We had previously trenched in 110' of 4" solid pipe from the pond up to the fairway. I was hoping to finish this area but didn't think we had the time. We were able to tie in some existing tiles on Hole 4 and added 90' of 4"slotted tile in the area in front of the green. On Thursday November 21, we were able to trench in 25' in the 9th fairway to dry up the wet spot in front of the green.

So, the final tally looks like this:
20' of 6" pipe
495' of 4" solid pipe
1200' of 4" slotted pipe
680' of 3" slotted pipe

That is a grand total of 2395' installed in just under 3 weeks. There will be much clean up in the spring and we will complete the project with an additional 340' on Hole 7 and then have some decisions on Hole 2. There are 2 possible scenarios to get the wet area at the beginning of the fairway drained. One way is to dig a deep hole and back fill it with all the rock we uncovered and let the water seep into a porous layer. The other idea is to bring in soil and raise the area to surface drain and perhaps add a foreword tee. These ideas will be discussed with the Golf Commission.. Wok on Hole 7 will begin in spring as soon as able. We have the rental equipment on site so we can get started as weather permits. It should only take a few days to install the tile.

That's a wrap for this year. Hoping to finish as quickly as possible in the spring.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Finished Holes 4 & 6

The weather held as we were able to complete the upper portion of hole 6. We were able to trench from the rock catch basin area up to the pond by the green. The rock catch area will be replaced with a standard catch basin with steel inlet grate. This will catch any runoff from the pond after a rain event or in the spring with the snow melt.
Next we trenched up the left side of the fairway and added 3 lateral drains to intercept any water that has plagued that area. It was wet when we worked the area and is a bit messy but the water began draining away.
We finished this area on Wednesday morning and with the weather forecast called for snow and cold, we went over to the low area in front of the green. I was able to clean out some of the existing drains that were coming out of the green and bunker. We installed about 100' of new tile in the fairway to take care of the wet spot. With the spoils from this area, we dumped them in the area between holes 4 & 5 where the washout from the drain lines are. We will seed and blanket this area in the spring.
On Thursday, the weather hadn't moved in so we got out and trenched about 25' in the low area in front of the 9th green. Just as we finished, the cold wind picked up and we proceeded to clean up the equipment and store everything for winter.
I will recap the project tomorrow and set up the schedule for completion in the spring.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Great Week

Weather was outstanding this week as we completed Hole 14. We have a little gravel to install up near the green and will complete on Monday. Next spring, the plan is to come back and top all trenches with 2" of sand. This will help in filtering debris to allow the water to continually drain. The trenches will grow over in time but strategically placed drain basins will always allow water to flow in. There will be much cleanup in the spring when it dries. The snow and melt off will allow the trenches to settle and some soil to work into the canopy. Any larger piles will need to be picked up before mowing begins.

We were able to trench from the catch basin on 14 up and to the right of the green and clean up before dark. If not too rainy over the weekend, we will install the tile and rock and then head over to hole 6 or 7.
Hope for good weather so we can continue on.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Willing and Able

Over the past 2 days, we were able to trench, install, and rock, 550' of drain tile on hole 14. We had previously installed and repaired about 100' in the right rough as it exits in the lower area before it goes under the 15th fairway and off the course. The crew trenched in some new lines at the dogleg by the tree to catch the wet areas.
Yesterday we moved up the fairway and began installing drainage from about the 150 yd marker in a herringbone fashion. We are abe to use alot of the existing main drain lines. We got an additional mainline in and 5 laterals installed at 25' intervals.

Today's plan is to install another 250' of laterals and that will get us up to the catch basin. That would then leave us with only 140' to install from the catch basin upto and right of the green. That should not take a full day. After that, weather will get wet this weekend and we will look to find the driest areas on holes 4, 6, or 7. Let's keep our fingers crossed so we can complete more areas.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The weather is turning favorable to continue on with the project. A week after the snow, it is finally clear to trench. We will work on hole 14 today. I post some pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

On Hold

The weather is playing tricks with our scheduled project. Good news is that the ground is not frozen, yet. Bad news is that the snow has covered all the trench line markings. I am going out later today and plow off some areas to see if we can continue. A little help from Mother Nature to melt the snow would be nice. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Work on Hole 6

We were able to get 350' of drain tile installed yesterday on the left side of Hole 6. What this has accomplished is that we can now drain the holding pond at the dogleg back toward the tee area where it goes off into the woods. We will also be able to dry up the area at the beginning of the fairway that seams to hold water even on the sloped area.

This picture shows part of the area that will be drying up the beginning of the 6th fairway. Also note the green trailer that we will be using to help install the pea gravel into the trench.

Now that winter has arrived, we will continue to install tile as weather permits. There are some drier areas that we can continue on and will push onward and upward until the ground is too frozen to trench.