Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to Bed

Once in a while more sleep is good. Don't tell your boss that while at work, may get into trouble. What I'm talking about is the addition to the practice green that was started last year that needs a bit of encouragement. I've taken a before a before picture of the green but my computer had some issues last week. I will get it posted soon along with a picture of the green now covered with a synthetic cover. Many courses use covers for winter protection. The purpose for this application is to warm up the soil to encourage root development that will then aid the turf to grow and thicken up a bit quicker. The cover will not stay down with out monitoring soil temps. On warm days we will pull the cover back to promote photosynthesis but the cover it back up in the evening. We will perform regular mowings and continue to fertilize and water at an accelerated rate to get the green ready for play as soon as possible. No time table yet on when it will be ready to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Where does time go? This time of year it goes very fast. With getting the course set up for the season, finishing up winter maintenance, and starting regular course maintenance, the days go by quickly. Prioritizing activities is a must to stay ahead of the game. Then a day like yesterday( insert picture) and a little catch up is great. So just as I am able to get some items checked off my list, I get a virus infected the computer in the shop( thus no picture). Spent much of yesterday trying to remove it and thought I had succeeded, but this morning I could not even get the computer turned on. I am sure the fix it shop will get it healthy again but an additional cost will surely occur and oh that extra time I was looking for, is now gone. I will add computer repair to my growing list. Look at the bright side, It's sunny today!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


All sights and sounds finally point to spring. Leaves are beginning to emerge, perennial flowers are showing through ground covers, and the golfers have returned. From now until mid summer, I will be focusing on sights that are unseen. What I will be concentrating on is roots. Roots grow actively when soil temperatures are between 45 and 65 degrees. Right now they are taking up nutrients from last fall and storing them in forms to use this summer. Careful management of nutrients and proper cultural practices will enhance the possibility of the turf to survive the heat of summer. What turf managers due is to grow roots in the spring so we can keep the turf alive throughout the summer. Some years it is easier than others. We have no way of determining how the weather effects our ability to manage turf, so we try to favor development as much as possible. Sometimes that interferes with playability issues that golfers see. All the cultural practices that take place on a golf course ie., mowing, fertilizing, watering, spraying, topdressing, aerifying, rolling, etc, will make it possible to have the best chance to keep the course in great shape throughout the season. So when you are out there and observe some of these operations, there may be some short term inconveniences but they far out weigh the long term effect of playability throughout the season.