Thursday, March 23, 2017

Golf Season 2017 in Front of Us

Since my last post, winter has come(sort of) and winter has gone(kinda). But the good news is that worked continued on the course to improve the overall playability. We had the woodcutters come back out to remove trees and brush to the left of Holes 14 and 15. We will now be able to identify the out of bounds/property lines in those areas. The view from the 15th tee will now allow one to follow their ball into the trees on the left but will be able to locate it quickly again and continue play.

This week, tree trimming was completed on holes 13 and 17. The large old oaks had the dead wood removed, low branches trimmed up, and a general cleaning of the canopy was performed. There were 2 oaks at the beginning of the 13th fairway but near the road were removed due severe health issues and liability. You will not miss them.

I was reminded of a tree to trim by the golf commission that was forgotten last year. It was located at the beginning of the 18th fairway on the right. The ash tree was trimmed along with 2 oaks near it.

The maintenance staff over this past fall and winter did remove a few trees that had the dreaded "Red Ring Disease". One notable tree was a large oak to the right of the 4th green that played havoc with the putting surface. Thought I had a picture of it but apparently I don't. It is currently resting behind the green awaiting clean up.

Our first order of business when the staff gets back in a week or so is to clean and pick up a lot of branches. Remeber the rain/windstorm at Christmas? Well, there was a lot of debris that came down. Oh and to add to that, those high winds a few weeks back? Yep, they added to the mess. We should have everything cleaned up by the time we open sometime in April. Until then, stay out of trouble.