Thursday, July 4, 2013


The 2 pictures below show remarkable progress on #7 green. Continued regular topdressings and rolling have smoothed out the surface and aerifying and overseeding has helped tremendously to fill in the voids. We will be going out this week and put forth the last of the sod plugs in any remaining bare spots. We only have a limited amount of plugs but we will use it all up. The 4th green has responded nicely to a change in mowers and additional supplemental nutrional products. The other greens, 15, 12, and the practice green, will be back online with the regular greens by the Member Guest on July 15. It sure has been a painstaking slow progress to complete the grow in and I thank you all on your patience. The timetable to get greens 4 & 7 online with the others will of course be, weather dependent. Have a happy 4th!