Friday, January 24, 2014

Fresh Paint

As the snow piles get bigger and the temps have been freezing, I have taken the opportunity to stay inside and do some organizational management. What that really means is cleaning and painting and rearranging the shop. I had a good time last year really organizing the shop for my sanity but didn't get any paint on the walls. While heating the shop, mostly with wood, soot is everywhere. I moved everything away from the walls and cleaned and primed them before putting the paint on. I had been using a dark brown for all the benches and wanted to add a little pizzaz to the shop, so I used the same color on the wall up to 48". To enhance the bright walls, I cut in a middle stripe with a beige and then a bright white to the ceiling.

Next year I will tackle the ceiling as it too needs paint. Before we do that, I will get Xcel Energy with their Focus on Energy Proram in to redo the lights not only in the shop but at the clubhouse too. The anticipated savings in 1 year will more than cover the expenses in changing the equipment out. Stay warm.