Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Buggin' Me

As I stated earlier in a blog, we are into the next battle. We pretty much beat up the weeds and now we are off to defend our turf from bugs. Yes, it's those pesky little critters that come out of nowhere to raise havoc with our finely manicured turf. There are several bugs that are not good to turf and in this post I am after ants. With the early and warm spring this year, ants became very active. Maybe they entered your house and seem to be a nusance. They are at my house. These guys are not really destructive as much as they are affecting the playability on the greens. This picture is from the 2nd green. They are mostly located nere the perimeters of the greens. The best way to suppress them is by using an insecticide. The products I choose are the same ones available to the public, but in a higher concentrated form. I will be applying both a contact and a systemic product to not only knockdown the ones we see but have a residual effect on the population for the rest of the summer.

The batlle plan is drawn. Now is the time to go to battle.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winter is Over

Finally, winter is over. Although the seasons have changed from winter to spring to now the first week of summer, my winter work just ended. What I am talking about is the service work that is done during the winter to each and every piece of equipment to ensure that it has relatively good chance to last during the season and avoid downtime. I attached the reels to the JD fairway mower yesterday and now the shop area empty. We do encounter repairs and scheduled maintenance to all equipment during the season but that is all routine.

The next challenge we are gearing up for is the ability to schedule course maintenance activities around the great amount of play we are having. Throw in the many groups that are playing with different start times, we manage to get the practices done and staying on our schedule. Stay tuned for my next blog as I talk about "what's bugging you?"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gold Tees

You have probably noticed that we have installed a set of gold tee markers. They are located on the front of the main tees or on some of the foreword tees. They are intended to be used by seniors or junior players or anyone else for that matters that want to play a shorter course. On Friday, June 22, a representative from the WSGA will be here to rate the course as to its comparable difficulty to other course.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


During all the rain that occurred a few weeks ago, lightning caused some damage to the irrigation system. To the left of the 9th green, you saw a huge hole. In the hole was the 8" mainline that feeds the golf course. Somehow the lightning caused the pipe to break. The repair to some time to accomplish the task as parts are not readily available. After the completion of pipe repair, it was soon discovered there was more damage to the electronics involved in controlling the system. We are currently investigating our options. In the meantime, you probably noticed that the expansion on the practice putting green is not looking very good. You are right. Even after all the rains, new turf is not able to withstand drought stress for very long. What is green is alive and what is brown is dead. I plan to aerify and overseed as soon as we get some reliable water. I have some pictures to post as soon as as they are available. So for future reference, the next time there is lightning on the course, time to seek shelter.