Monday, February 4, 2013

Quiet Time

This is the time of year when maintenance practices are done will pay dividends when the golf season is in full swing. Having a year under my belt here in Luck and that helps make decisions easier to do as it relates to turf management. The shop is cleaned and the equipment is being processed one piece at a time. I am currently going through all the greens mowers and diligently inspecting for any potential issues and do the scheduled preventative maintenance. The grinding and the adjustments are made to the cutting units and will be ready to mow when spring comes. The scheduling of equipment next will be the tee mowers, followed by the fairway units. As the snow begins to melt in March, the rough units will be prepped for use. The final winter project will be to inspect, clean, and paint all of the course accessories. With the daylight lengthening everyday, there are some signs of spring coming and the chance to play the new greens is getting closer.