Thursday, June 7, 2012


During all the rain that occurred a few weeks ago, lightning caused some damage to the irrigation system. To the left of the 9th green, you saw a huge hole. In the hole was the 8" mainline that feeds the golf course. Somehow the lightning caused the pipe to break. The repair to some time to accomplish the task as parts are not readily available. After the completion of pipe repair, it was soon discovered there was more damage to the electronics involved in controlling the system. We are currently investigating our options. In the meantime, you probably noticed that the expansion on the practice putting green is not looking very good. You are right. Even after all the rains, new turf is not able to withstand drought stress for very long. What is green is alive and what is brown is dead. I plan to aerify and overseed as soon as we get some reliable water. I have some pictures to post as soon as as they are available. So for future reference, the next time there is lightning on the course, time to seek shelter.

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