Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Buggin' Me

As I stated earlier in a blog, we are into the next battle. We pretty much beat up the weeds and now we are off to defend our turf from bugs. Yes, it's those pesky little critters that come out of nowhere to raise havoc with our finely manicured turf. There are several bugs that are not good to turf and in this post I am after ants. With the early and warm spring this year, ants became very active. Maybe they entered your house and seem to be a nusance. They are at my house. These guys are not really destructive as much as they are affecting the playability on the greens. This picture is from the 2nd green. They are mostly located nere the perimeters of the greens. The best way to suppress them is by using an insecticide. The products I choose are the same ones available to the public, but in a higher concentrated form. I will be applying both a contact and a systemic product to not only knockdown the ones we see but have a residual effect on the population for the rest of the summer.

The batlle plan is drawn. Now is the time to go to battle.

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