Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to Bed

Once in a while more sleep is good. Don't tell your boss that while at work, may get into trouble. What I'm talking about is the addition to the practice green that was started last year that needs a bit of encouragement. I've taken a before a before picture of the green but my computer had some issues last week. I will get it posted soon along with a picture of the green now covered with a synthetic cover. Many courses use covers for winter protection. The purpose for this application is to warm up the soil to encourage root development that will then aid the turf to grow and thicken up a bit quicker. The cover will not stay down with out monitoring soil temps. On warm days we will pull the cover back to promote photosynthesis but the cover it back up in the evening. We will perform regular mowings and continue to fertilize and water at an accelerated rate to get the green ready for play as soon as possible. No time table yet on when it will be ready to go.

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