Saturday, November 16, 2013

Great Week

Weather was outstanding this week as we completed Hole 14. We have a little gravel to install up near the green and will complete on Monday. Next spring, the plan is to come back and top all trenches with 2" of sand. This will help in filtering debris to allow the water to continually drain. The trenches will grow over in time but strategically placed drain basins will always allow water to flow in. There will be much cleanup in the spring when it dries. The snow and melt off will allow the trenches to settle and some soil to work into the canopy. Any larger piles will need to be picked up before mowing begins.

We were able to trench from the catch basin on 14 up and to the right of the green and clean up before dark. If not too rainy over the weekend, we will install the tile and rock and then head over to hole 6 or 7.
Hope for good weather so we can continue on.

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