Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Battle is On

Every year at this time the battle begins. The war on weeds seems like it never goes away. I have begun a systematic approach to eliminating the problem. Using up inventory from last year, I headed to the worst area on the course and that was the range. I think there were more weeds than grass. This will help in the ball picking. From there it was on to the clubhouse area. First impressions are lasting and I spent an afternoon on the end of a hose to ensure complete coverage. I have now begun applications on tees and fairways and will continue when supplies arrive. There are even weeds on a few greens that I will take extra precaution in removing. After that I will continue on with the roughs and then finish up with the hose applicator to get to the areas where the booms can't.

For you homeowners, I often get asked about weeds. Most like to apply the "Weed and Feed" products. While the up side is an application of fertilizer, the down side is the inefficient application of herbicide. The best method is the liquid application, usually done with a hose end applicator. The cost is very economical and success rate will be near 100%. Any misses and another application is very convienent. Also, for those of you that did not apply or were late with their pre emergent application for crabgrass control, there is now a product available for the homeowner to eliminate crabgrass post emergently. This product I have used successfully for several years will really help keep your yard clean from from those pesky weeds.

After you win this battle, be ready for the next battle......insects! Stay tuned.

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