Sunday, October 28, 2012


I will post pictures tomorrow on the"bottom" of the green. What you see as the putting surface starts from the sub grade. The contours of the sub grade will mirror exactly of how the playing surface will putt. After the bottom contours are set, draintile will be installed on a herringbone pattern to take away the excessive moisture from the greens mix. A uniform mixture of sand and peat will be installed over the drain tile to a depth of 12". By not placing the mix to a uniform depth will lead to wet and/or dry spots.

I inspected the sub grades of #12 on Saturday and approved the contours. We were only able to enlarge the green by about 800 sq. ft. The left bunker was eliminated due to the expansion but I am pleased to report that nearly all of the green will be able to place a pin there. Also, the spoils from the green cavity were used to fill in the back bunker. The schedule is to finish the tile yesterday, place the mix in the cavity on Monday, and the replace the sod on Tuesday. Bluegrass sod will be installed to all disturbed areas when available.

With weather permitting, a second crew will show up also on Tuesday to help with the sod laying as well as begin the sod removal of #4 green. On Wednesday, the bunker on #8 should be completed with the sand installed. If things/weather cooperate, sod removal of # 7 will start, and by Friday, sod will be laid on #4. After #7, green 15 will be worked in the same fashion. Plans indicate that all work and cleanup will be complete by Friday 11/9.

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