Friday, November 16, 2012

Weather is Permitting

The long range forecast is favorable for continuing on with the project so a decision was made to finish this season.  Green 15 was completed today and the crew moved the equipment to green 7.

Temperatures are to be very mild and will not hinder the construction. Plan is to remove sod on Monday and Tuesday, move mix on Wednesday, Thursday off, sub grade and drainage on Friday, Saturday to put the mix back in place, and sod the green on Monday and Tuesday. That is the plan as of today. It looks like it will work. By pushing on, the project is complete and the new greens will get a chance to settle and be ready for the grow in next spring. I actually saw roots knitting the sod down on #12 so that is a good sign. That way, we do not have to go through another season of construction and be able to enjoy the gift Mr Frandsen has donated. I am very excited to see the expressions next season of our returning golfers. You will truly be amazed!

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