Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thoughts from the Floor

Now that winter is really here, it is time to start the winter maintenance schedule. Even though the wood cutting crew is off for Thanksgiving Week(aka deer hunting), my work load is focused on servicing the 50 golf cars we lease. It turns into an assembly line of work which isn't necessarily a bad thing as I get to do some thinking as I lie on the floor dropping the oil into a pan. Each car gets washed, inspected for any damage and worn parts, new filter and oil, fuel stabilizer added, inspect and adjust the belts and battery, and finally air up the tires and driven to the Lion's Shelter for storage. I repeat this in groups of 5 as this is all the space the shop allows.
The other thing that I am doing is assessing the quality of each of our cars. Our lease is up at the end of 2015 and we may want to consider purchasing some.This would reduce the number of cars we need to lease and help in our cash flow as we service our customer.                                                               The good thing about assembly line work, it allows me to think about the upcoming year. There are more than a few areas that I would like to improve not only the quality of playing surfaces but the presentation too. Yes, ultimately it comes down what we can afford to spend. But that is the opportunity I enjoy to work on. The areas the come to mind while I lay on the floor(no I'm not sleeping/dreaming) include stepping up the greens maintenance with topdressing and verticutting, applying some timely fairway products to improve the infiltration and appearance, and some more detail work on bunkers and cart paths.

Everyone, have a great Thanksgiving!

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