Friday, November 21, 2014


The trees are finally coming down. The tree crew started on Monday near the 5th green and began removing the red marked trees. The process is to cut the tree down, cut it in 8' lengths for firewood, stack it to be removed later, and then stack the tops for burning.

The brush pile is already burning and we will try to keep up with the cutters. We also have our brush pile by 9 tee to burn. The cutters will work through Thursday. They should be able to remove the 96 trees from 5 green back to the tee. Remember, most of these trees are small in nature and effecting the growth of others in addition to any shade issues, play ability concerns, or for tree health. If the weather holds, we may be able to start the area between holes 4 & 6. Next week is deer hunting so no cutting. Work will resume again the first week of December.
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