Monday, November 10, 2014

At it Again

Now that the season is officially over, I can get caught up on a few blogs that need to be sent out. Before the snow began falling, the staff was once again able to install some more drainage. We were able to complete the area on top of 15 fairway adjacent to the foreword tee. As we were installing the system, it was evident of the several different layers that were holding the water in the upper profile. With the drain tile added, we are now able to divert a lot of surface water from this area away from the 14th fairway.
The other area we were able to complete was the 9th fairway. Last year, we only were able to add a catch basin the very lowest part of the fairway. This year, we continued across the fairway to the other side, At that area, we installed another catch basin and then proceeded to install a tile up toward the tee and also a tile around the left and behind of the green. This will enable to catch a lot of surface water before it gets to the fairway.

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