Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Work

Winter has finally arrived as there were golf courses opened around the Twin Cities as late as the week before Christmas. I kept myself busy in November and December by refurbishing the employee break area in our shop. Everything on the walls was taken off and all lockers were removed and put out in the shop area for painting. The ceiling was scraped and repainted. The walls were washed, repaired, and painted from leftover paint from the clubhouse. The rug was removed but did not paint the floor yet. I had some vacation time to use up so that will wait till next winter. The cabinets were painted and the lockers were repositioned back in place. I had some pictures but they have seemed to disappear from me.

The tree crew was able to make it out for a day last week and begin removing more trees. Our game plan this year is to thin/open up the areas along our boundary lines. They were able to start along the left side of hole 2 and finished up that area. Some brush was burned but still more to clean up.
Next week, after this cold snap, they will venture over to the left side of #8 and continue on with more of the same. Stay warm.

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