Friday, December 19, 2014


The tree cutting project continues on like syrup in January, slow but sure. All of the marked trees between holes 4 & 5 have been removed and the brush burnt. The only thing remaining is the removal of the logs to be used/sold for firewood.
Of course there will be cleanup in the spring of small branches and debris. The areas where the burn piles were will be cleaned up and seeded as well. The first glimpse of the benefits of this project are seen here at the approach to the 4th green. With the removal of all the trees inside the cart path on the left as well as thinning several between the path and the 5th tee, this will allow not only the improve the shade/wetness issue in this area but an enhanced playability of the hole from the players standpoint.
The next area of work are the trees between holes 4 & 6. All the marked trees except for 15 have been removed. Brush piles are currently being burnt. The thinning of the trees will make the errant shots easier to recover to the proper hole for advancement.
With the holidays on us, work will resume sometime after the first of the new year. There are still plenty of trees to go but I'm confident we will be done before spring. Happy Holidays!

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