Thursday, May 22, 2014

At it Again

Yeserday, another volunteer crew showed up to help in the clean up of the drainage project. We had 14 dedicated members and my staff of 5 worked hole 14 with cleaning the old spoils, raking leaves, adjusting the gravel and then topping the trenches off with sand. At the same time, we had a small crew hand seeding any of the disturbed areas on holes 4 and 6. After hole 14 was done, the crew headed over to hole 7 to clean up those new trenches. Our staff was able to trench and install the 385' across the fairway and up to the wet spot on the left on Monday. We would have had it all done except that the rains came about 2 hours too early. Anyway, the crew was able to top the trenches with sand. Later, my staff went out and picked up some of the spoils piles. We will get that finished by the weekend.

Next week, ther is a High School Regional match on Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, I will have additional help to be able to stay with the project. Sodding in the fairways is the first priority and then we will take care of all the disturbed areas. Once again, thanks to all my "retired muscle".

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