Friday, May 16, 2014

A Little Muscle

It is amazing what can be accomplished with a little muscle. On Wednesday, 12 volunteers and 5 staff members began the tedious task of cleaning the fairways from last years drainage installation. We were able to clean up all debris and backfill the drain tiles with sand We completed holes 4, 6, and 7. There are a few catch basins yet to set to grade and all the spoil piles to be leveled out. The next phase on those holes is to prep for sod on all the run tiles and the damage areas. Some of the tile lines will be left open to collect water quickly. Once all the fairways are preped, we will sod those areas with sod from our fairway nursery in the range and from the sunken area on fairway 15. We will finish up the project by sodding all the rough areas.

Next Wednesday we will have the volunteers again help us with clean up of Hole 14 and 9. A little break in the weather and we may be able to trench in the last bit of tile on hole 7. Again, thanks to our "retired" muscle for their efforts.

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