Friday, December 27, 2013

Quiet Season except for........

This is the time for reflections of 2013 and the planning for 2014. The good, bad and ugly are always lists I put in my mind to seperate the activites from the past season and try to improve upon all of them when the planning for the next years' agenda. Well, one such bad activity took place on the day of the Luck Village Holiday Gathering at the Clubhouse. I had been monitoring the clubhouse since we closed on the 1st of November, but did not check the upstairs as frequently. Somehow the heat switch was in the off position and the temperatures dropped to a point when freezing occurs. You can start seeing the picture now. Not only did one faucet break in the upstairs bar, but as we were cleaning up that mess, a faucet in the kitchen did the same. We were able to correct the heat situation and clean up the mess before the party started. Needless to say, lessons were learned, and to prevent further problems, some added technology will be installed to assure this doesn't happen again. Insurance will be covering this disturbance of the Quiet Season.

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