Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here We Go

We are back after it again. Finally, after much planning and discussion, along with puting the course to bed, the drainage project has finally started. I actually began last week with some exporatory digging finding existing tile lines to use and opening up areas that needed work. We are using a trencher on loan from Pat McCabe and yesterday tied in some drain tiles on 14. This will help in collecying and transporting the collected water and moving it over to 15 and off the course. We then began hole 7 by trenching from the pond to the fairway to a catch area and then will start at this point with the rental equipment. We then began trenching on Hole 6 by the trees on the left at the dogleg. The intention here is to drain the low area back toward the tee. We got about 100' and the chain fell fell off. After a 2 hour wrestling match, we were able to put the chain back in place. We got a good start to the project. and will update today with pictures.

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