Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ring arounrd the Tree

Three weeks since my last post and a lot has happened. Most importantly is that Greg McGee is recovering from surgery to his knee and has started rehab. Not sure if he will be back this season but hoping recovery is complete. Last weekend, my oldest daughter got married to a wonderful musician and the wedding was excellent. Had a lot of prep time to go into the planning and the execution of the plan was outstanding. My greatest accomplishment was that I ordered great weather for the outdoor ceremony and it came through! The real accomplishment was walking my daughter down the aisle with tears in our eyes.

But, I have been busy on the course too. You may have noticed some rings showing up around the bases of many trees. I have started a maintenance practice of spraying round up around each tree to kill the grass and thus not have to come back and line trim. This will save in manpower and give a more consistent look to the rough. I add a product with the round up to extend the length of application will last the entire season. This product is very similar to the pre emergent you put on your lawn to prevent crabgrass. We have a lot of trees! I planned on doing this earlier in the season but priorities took over when I was able to get started. Most of the original course is done including the driving range. My plan is to finish the other side next week.

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